Sevinç Atabay started her career in 1980 at of the Board of Education and Discipline Training Department of the Turkish Ministry of Education and worked in various fields such as the development and application of foreign language programs, the improvement of early childhood language learning methodology and the supervision of the national textbook writing committees to which she was assigned as a head. She also continued her profession as an Educational Attache in Chicago, USA, between 1991-1993. Having worked as a General Coordinator of the Community Programs at the Secretariat General for the European Union and having presented the European Union education policies between 2000 – 2006, Sevinç Atabay resigned from her job at the Turkish Mistry of Education and as a member from the Board of Education and Discipline Training Department in 2006. Sevinç Atabay, the General Principal of the Turkish Education Board and TED Ankara College Schools accordingly, has been a member of the TUSIAD Education Committee and EU presentation of EU group, TOBB Education Council and many other nongovernmental organizations. She also has Dream Partnership with Young Guru Academy. Atabay has publishings on English Teaching and EU policies (‘e-goverment e-Europe 2005’, ‘European Union Education Programs’, ‘Comenius-School Education’, ‘What does 6th.Frame Program bring to Turkey?’ , ‘Education During the Introduction Period to EU’, ‘EU Education and Youth Programs’ and ‘EU Education Policies’) together with articles (Understanding the Young Generations Y and Z, The Effect of Location and Architecture on Sucess in Education, Games and Learning, Innovation in Education, Toward Hybrid Human). She is married and the mother of a son.